A single lesson/event can be deleted from your calendar in a few simple steps.

Here's how:

  1. Navigate to "Calendar" from the main menu on the left.
  2. Locate the specific event on the calendar and click on it. From the small pop-up menu, click the "Delete" icon.
  3. If you're deleting a one-time event, click "Delete" at the pop-up menu.
https://cdn.elev.io/file/uploads/o-rXyrlr_74HTiJ5rGFCx7KCn6hRsKqDZkdWcAduyzE/D5VkGel8SnwCoD2MiXo7x2FD33IJONCmqPQhbg_prk4/delete event single mms-Dto.png

If you're deleting one lesson/event apart of a series, click "This Event Only" at the pop-up menu.

https://cdn.elev.io/file/uploads/o-rXyrlr_74HTiJ5rGFCx7KCn6hRsKqDZkdWcAduyzE/F-eNqtIqntY6uHt36SSdWYOW2H863V1XjAf8H4Luhxs/delete event series mms-JbQ.png
Tip: Need to delete an entire day of events? Click here for instructions.