When scheduling calendar events, My Music Staff allows you to adjust the event "Visibility" to "Public" or "Private".

When an event is marked as "Private", it can only be viewed by the teacher, the assigned student(s) and their parent(s).

When an event is marked as "Public", it can be viewed by all students from your studio from the portal calendar. To view these events, students must click the "Show Full Events" toggle button.

https://cdn.elev.io/file/uploads/o-rXyrlr_74HTiJ5rGFCx7KCn6hRsKqDZkdWcAduyzE/bZ3Bh_ACiH6nJhwPIMIJHpRFCQ8QSnqf1KBXEIo22v0/show full events mms-Vk4.png
Note: If you would like to view how public/private events appear from a student/parent perspective, click here for steps on accessing the Student Portal.