If you're the administrator of a studio with multiple teachers, you may want to limit what can be seen and changed by members of your team. Here's a long list of what the teacher permissions found in Teachers & Admins can do:

First, when setting up a new teacher account you can choose "This User is an Administrator," "This User is a Teacher," or you can pick neither option and customize which Privileges they can access.

  • View Other Teacher & Admin Contact Info User can see emails, phone numbers, addresses for other users in their studio. 
  • Manage Other Teacher Schedules and Students -  User can make changes in the Calendar for themselves and all other users. This includes the ability to see and make changes to the Calendar Categories, including Payroll Overrides.
  • View Other Teacher Schedules -  User can see other users’ events in the Calendar but will not be able to make changes.
  • Edit Own Schedule  - User can edit their own scheduled events and create new ones. They can use existing Category events.
  • Take Attendance  - User can take attendance for their own events.
  • Record Payments with Attendance  - User can record payments taken at the time of the event.
  • View Student / Parent Addresses and Phone Numbers  - User can view home addresses and phone numbers, which can be very useful for teachers who travel to their students.
  • View Student / Parent Email Addresses  - User can view email addresses as well as use the Email button. 
  • Edit Website and Post News  - User have access to the Website page and can publish News & Blog Posts.
  • Add/View Invoices and Accounts  - User can see the Families & Invoices tab and make changes to Family Accounts. They are able to generate invoices and will receive reminders of upcoming overdue invoices.
  • Add/Edit Expenses and Other Revenue  - Users with this permission checked off will be able to see and make changes to the Expenses & Other Revenue section. Please note that this will affect the entire studio’s revenue and expense records and cannot be used by an independent contractor within the studio for their own purposes.
  • Create/View Reports  - User can see the Studio Reports section and have full access to all reporting options. They will have access to all the studio’s financial records.
  • View/Download Student Profile Attachments  - User can see and download Student Profile Attachments in Student Details. They are not able to upload files.
  • View Own Payroll Details  - User can see their Payroll history but are not able to make any changes. 
  • Add/Edit Mileage -  User can see the Mileage section in the main menu on the left and can add and edit Mileage records.