My Music Staff makes it easy to manage almost everything in your studio from the Calendar. To pull up your Calendar Shortcuts menu, please do the following:

  1. Navigate to the "Calendar" from the main menu. 
  2. Click on any white space above the scheduled events on that specific date.

Take a look at the Calendar Shortcuts video or take a look at the written info below:

To view the video in fullscreen, click here.

New Default Lesson: this means you are creating a new lesson using the default lesson length and price that you've set up for your student. 

New Event: create an event, showing all the options so you can fully customize a private lesson, schedule a group lesson, change the price and much more.

New Non-Teaching Event: Add these to your MMS Calendar to keep yourself organized!

Switch to Day View: If you show your Calendar in Week or Month view, this will switch to the Day View for the day you've selected.

You have the option to send out a mass email, SMS message or both to students and parents.

Clone Entire Day: You can clone an entire day's worth of events. This is especially useful for creating a schedule for students returning to lessons after a summer break.  If the day includes any repeating events, it will ask you if you’d like to copy those as well. 

Delete All Events: Deleting a day's worth of events is ideal when you need to cancel lessons due to a holiday, illness, the weather, etc. 

You can also use the Calendar to manage specific events. Click on the event to bring up more options:

You can edit, clone, delete, take attendance, or email the attendees for one event at a time.