If you'd like to assist your families with getting set up in the Student Portal, you can share our Student Portal cheat sheets with them. The cheat sheets provide visual, step-by-step instructions on commonly asked questions on how to use the portal. 

Click the links to view and download the cheat sheets.

Lesson Registration/Cancellation

How to Register for a Lesson 

How to Cancel a Lesson 

Online Payments/Adding a Payment Method

How to Make a Payment Online 

How to Add a Credit Card 

How to Add a Credit Card with Auto Pay 

How to Edit a Credit Card 

How to Add/Verify a Bank Account 

How to Add/Verify a Bank Account with Auto Pay

Online Lessons

How to Join Your Zoom Lesson

How to Add Your Skype Username

How to Add Your FaceTime ID

Practice Log

How to Manually Add Practice Time

How to Use the Practice Timer

How to Upload Files to the Portal

Adding Student Portal to Device: 

How to Sync Your Calendar to Your Device

How to Add the Portal to Your iOS Device's Home Screen

How to Add the Portal to Your Android Device's Home Screen

Tip: These cheat sheets are applicable to the new Student Portal. If you haven't enabled it yet, click here to learn how.