After recording your Zoom Personal Meeting URL and scheduling your Zoom lesson, you can start the lesson from the Home Agenda or the Calendar menu.

Prior to starting the lesson, make sure that you are logged into your Zoom account. This will ensure that you are recognized as the meeting's "Host".

From the Home Agenda menu, in your My Music Staff account, simply click the blue "Zoom lesson" button. This will launch Zoom and begin the lesson.

From the Calendar menu, click on the lesson. From the event details popup, click on the location name. This will launch Zoom and begin the lesson. 

If you are using Zoom's "Waiting Room" feature, you'll need to admin the students as they join. Use the "Manage Participants" button to see who's waiting. Click "Admit" next to their name to add them to the meeting.

Want to learn more about the Zoom Waiting Room? Click here for more details.