My Music Staff recently launched a new "Modern" Student Portal – complete with an updated and modern interface. This will be replacing the "Classic" Student Portal you've been using.  

The Modern Student Portal is functionally identical to the Classic Student Portal, but is rebuilt using significantly newer technology that opens the door to exciting possibilities in future updates. The Modern Student Portal will act and operate considerably faster, and each page has been remodeled to provide a fresh outlook on the digital learning experience your students receive once they leave your studio. It delivers a significantly better mobile experience to your students and parents (it feels more like a native app). Additionally, this Modern Student Portal is built on the same foundation that will power our app.

If you’d like to try the new version, you can turn it on for parents and students in your studio by following these steps:

  1. Navigate to “Settings” in the upper right corner of your account.
  2. Select “Studio Settings” from the drop-down menu.
  3. From the “Options” tab, scroll down to the “Student Portal” section
  4. Under the "Version" heading, choose "Modern".
  5. Click “Save Options” to apply this change.

Once enabled, you can view the portal from a parent/student perspective to see the live changes.

To view the video in fullscreen,  click here.