Can I make one invoice for families with multiple students?
How can I charge my students once per semester, term or year?
My studio doesn’t invoice monthly, what do I do?
How do I track separate types of revenue? (i.e. for books or materials I resell to students)
How do I record an ISF (bounced) payment?
Why does a refund increase the family’s balance owing?
I sell prepaid music lesson packages, can My Music Staff accommodate this?
How are totals calculated at the bottom of the Families & Invoices page?
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Can My Music Staff send out overdue invoice reminders automatically?
What's the difference between Expanded, Normal and Condensed invoice formats?
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I have students that pay cash at every lesson. Can I create receipts?
How do I set the invoice date/due date?
How do I include the "Click Here to Pay Online" button on my invoice?
How will my families know when I've received their payments?
How can I create/track different payment types (cash, check, debit, etc.)?
Can I add a charge to multiple families at once (bulk)?
I would like to sell gift certificates (voucher) to my studio. Can My Music Staff accommodate this?
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Can I create & email invoices in bulk?
I changed a student's default price, but the old prices are still shown on the invoice. Why?
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Monthly charges are not appearing on my invoices. What's wrong?
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How do I send a receipt to a family after I have recorded the payment?
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What does "Preferred Invoice Recipient" mean?
What does "Balance Forward" mean on an invoice?
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How do I email a teacher or admin?
How do I view an invoice I've created?
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Why does an inactive family still appear in my "Families & Invoices" section?
How do I add a charge category?
How do I edit a charge category?
How do I delete a charge category?
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How do I send the invoice(s) that I created?
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How do I send invoice reminders in bulk?